Rockwell Hardness Test Blocks

Gilmore Rockwell Hardness Test Blocks (also known as Rockwell Test Coupons) are manufactured and calibrated to current ASTM E-18 and/or ISO 6508 specifications within an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Grid patterns can be added to our Rockwell test blocks to insure spacing requirements per ASTM E-18.

Rockwell Test Blocks - Regular Scale

Part #:Hardness:Nominal Ranges Available:Penetrator:Load:
803HRA Scale HRA-20 To HRA-84 C Diamond 60 Kg
802HRB Scale HRB-10 To HRB-95 1/16" Ball 100 Kg
801HRC Scale HRC-25 To HRC-65 C Diamond 150 Kg
811HRD Scale HRD-44 To HRD-73 C Diamond 100 Kg
804HRE Scale HRE-75 To HRE-96 1/8" Ball 100 Kg
810HRF Scale HRF-70 To HRF-97 1/16" Ball 60 Kg
811HRG Scale HRG-2.5 To HRG-64 1/16" Ball 150 Kg
811HRH Scale HRH-87 To HRH-90 1/8" Ball 60 Kg
811HRK Scale HRK-50 To HRK-95 1/8" Ball 150 Kg
811HRL Scale HRL-113 To HRL125 1/4" Ball 60 Kg
811HRM Scale HRM-101 To HRM-122 1/4" Ball 100 Kg
811HRP Scale HRP-86 To HRP-115 1/4" Ball 150 Kg
811HRR Scale HRR-14 1/2" Ball 60 Kg
811HRS Scale HRS-105 1/2" Ball 100 Kg

Rockwell Test Blocks – Superficial Scale

Part #:Hardness:Nominal Ranges Available:Penetrator:Load:
808HR15N ScaleHR15N-72 To HR15N-92 N Diamond15 Kg
808HR30N ScaleHR30N-46 To HR30N-80 N Diamond30 Kg
808HR45N ScaleHR45N-25 To HR45N-70 N Diamond45 Kg
809HR15T ScaleHR15T-72 To HR15T-91 1/16" Ball15 Kg
809HR30T ScaleHR30T-40 To HR30T-79 1/16" Ball30 Kg
809HR45T ScaleHR45T-12.5 To HR45T-671/16" Ball45 Kg
811HR15W ScaleHR15W-84 To HR15W-95 1/8" Ball15 Kg
811HR30W ScaleHR30W-67 To HR30W-90 1/8" Ball30 Kg
811HR45W ScaleHR45W-50 To HR45W-84 1/8" Ball45 Kg
811HR15X ScaleHR15X-97 1/4" Ball15 Kg
811HR30X ScaleHR30X-80 To HR30X-96 1/4" Ball30 Kg
811HR45X ScaleHR45X-88 1/4" Ball45 Kg